Mulholland Drive (stylized as Mulholland Dr.) is a 2001 surrealist neo-noir mystery film written and directed by David Lynch and starring Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, Justin Theroux, Ann Miller, Mark Pellegrino and Robert Forster. Diane then gets to live out the “dream romance” she never got to experience in real life with Camilla. A Möbius strip has one continuous side, twisting forever, with no beginning or end. Blue box!” But the box is more than just a thing the dream creates to complete the mystery’s narrative. After the hit, Diane is pursued by two detectives, presumably about the murder. When Carol loses it to the blonde Camilla, Diane couldn’t be happier because the awful moment in real life when the real life Camilla won the role never happens, and she can now rest easy that Camilla is hers forever and not Adam’s. 2001 Directed by David Lynch. This is Adam and Camilla,” and had the couple replicate the adoring look that Adam and Camilla had given each other at the engagement party. The key, incidentally, is blue. She succeeded in fooling herself, but the dream went, “Not so fast. For example, the dead body in apartment 17 is really supposed to represent the murdered Camilla and is a reminder that Diane had her killed. Another aspect that supports this theory is the overall feeling we get from the start of the film that the whole thing was a giant sick joke at diane’s expense, that she was doomed from the start, how she remembers the nice and innocent elderly couple at the start as people with malignant intent, who were setting her up for a trap in some way. When Rita starts babbling, “silencio,” during her nightmare, this is Real Life Camilla–who is dead–beginning to speak to Diane for the first time in her dream. Mulholland Drive can only be defined into three stages; detective mysteries story, the dream crushing fantasy and finally delusion and madness. A blonde waitress named Betty serves her. Rita has a nightmare and insists, “It’s not okay,” because the dream is now reminding Diane that Rita is really Camilla, who is dead. Viewers seem split into two camps. Well, remember that a consistent pattern in Diane’s dream is to conjure up an alternative fantasy, only to have real life intrude again with a powerful reminder. Mulholland Drive Angelo Badalamenti David Lynch Format: Audio CD. ( Log Out /  During a press conference at 2001’s New York Film Festival, where Mulholland Drive was screened, David Lynch used the word “putrefaction” a number of times. To reiterate, in her dream, Diane creates an alternative fantasy in which everything went the opposite of how it did in real life. She was staring up at the ceiling the entire time during the couch scene, which was really in her head. Robert Sinnerbrink, ‘Cinematic Ideas: David Lynch's Mulholland Drive’, Film-Philosophy… This box isn’t a harmless little thing after all! And it works. Academy Award–winning actor Jack Nicholson This is why the key and cash appear in Rita’s purse. Betty, flustered, then abruptly leaves in a panic. It is not so much of an interpretation as an outright fact that Mulholland Drive is a film that concerns itself heavily with dreams and alternative realities. This is a hotly contested issue. This is suggested by the fact that the old couple, who initially look sweet and unpretentious, drive away from the airport in a very fancy limousine. I also believe adam looking at her that way was not him feeling scared or intimidated by betty, but him seeing the “right girl” right in front of him and having to let her go because he was forced to pick someone else. She notices a guy with prominent eyebrows by the door staring at her during their transaction. Ben Sherlock is a writer, comedian, and independent filmmaker, and he's good at at least two of those things. So now Diane lives in apartment 17 instead of apartment 12. In Mulholland Drive, Lynch posits that nostalgia for a bygone era of cinema is contributing to the putrefaction of Hollywood, but also suggests that the key to great filmmaking can be found in the classics, so we shouldn’t let go of them entirely. Mulholland Drive is a movie in two halves of unequal length. The first one is that since Diane is being pursued by detectives in connection to Camilla’s death, she thinks that the hit man may have bungled the job and given her away. Rather than focusing on the ambitions of any one character, Mulholland Drive can be read as a general treatise on the seductive allure of Hollywood. Allez, on se lance et on tente une explication. It is, in a way, random and would leave its viewers completely confused in the end. I knew not to expect a straightforward crowd-pleaser or anything like that, and I’d seen a season of Twin Peaks so I had some familiarity with Lynch, but I came away not understanding at all why it’s considered such a masterpiece. So, what it looks like is that Adam and Camilla showed up right in the beginning of Betty’s story arc to remind Diane of them and the murder. Because it’s a trap, it’s designed in a way as to not cause suspicion. Twin Peaks Actually Explained: A Four-Hour Video Essay Demystifies It All. It’s very true the dead body could be a reference to both dead camila and suicidal diane, my mind just drifts more towards it being a reference to diane’s suicide because it’s the same bed and all, even has the same green blanket by her feet if my memory is right, and rita being the one reacting to it and not betty I always saw it as a way for her dream to add another layer between her real self and the dream, so she would wake up yet. But it was only a mystery because she didn’t want to remember what it stood for (her killing Camilla). In it, we see Camilla looking and acting extremely frustrated at Diane’s insistence that they stay together. She dreams that Joe the hit man is a bumbling, incompetent fool. This is the dream’s last ditch effort to finally force her to realize that none of it is real, that it’s just a fantasy she has created. Mulholland Drive (stylized as Mulholland Dr.) is a 2001 American neo-noir mystery film written and directed by David Lynch and starring Justin Theroux, Naomi … The man faints. Some people feel that he is a manifestation of Diane’s conscience. Chef-d'œuvre des années 2000 et incontournable de la filmographie de David Lynch, « Mulholland Drive » est une véritable énigme. Mulholland Drive is a horror film that is also not a horror film. In 1997, Lost Highway started officially contemporary psychological cinema, paving the way for the masterpieces that will come years later, from Inception to Shutter Island, passing also by Mulholland Drive and Inland’s Empire, which complete David Lynch’s psychotic trilogy.At that time, critics were quite cautious, not at ease with structures that make the understanding so hard. Another side character she dreams about is the man she saw in real life staring at her when she was hiring the hit man to take out Camilla. In an article explaining Mulholland Drive for the masses, a group of Salon writers (it takes more than one person to extract meaning from this film) notes of one of many incomprehensible segments that "It's also part of the confusing background noise Lynch likes to put into his movies.". He asks specifically about a battered brunette, suggesting that Camilla escaped his clutches and is now walking around bruised. Découvrez le sens caché du récit du film. Shooting on the film starts, and Camilla winds up in the arms of Adam. In addition to writing for Screen Rant and Comic Book Resources, covering everything from Scorsese to Spider-Man, Ben directs independent films and does standup comedy. If diane’s dream tries to justify her not getting one part by portraying a director as someone incompetent, then it’s only logical that she would do the same in relation to the other part she also didn’t get, and try to justify why she didn’t get the part in adam’s film as well, as opposed to creating a revenge fantasy against him. He meets with Adam and makes a veiled threat that if he doesn’t cast her, he will see him again–twice, if he’s not careful. EDITED TO ADD [February 22, 2019]: Having seen the movie again today, I think the scene involving Winkie’s is yet another “identity switch” in Diane’s dream. It tells the story of an aspiring actress named Betty Elms (Watts), newly arrived in Los Angeles, who meets and befriends an amnesiac woman (Harring) recovering from a car accident. Mulholland Dr.. On the way to 6980 Mulholland Drive, at Adam Kesher's house. One of the director’s most complex and challenging works is Mulholland Drive, his dark satire of the Hollywood film industry by way of exploring the dreamscape and boggling the mind with surreal imagery. This could be perhaps, seeing her as a mentor, Diane had hoped that Camilla would take her along for the ride as she made her way up the ladder. In other words, it goes, “Blue key? But do we really want to understand it? Genres: Mystery, Surrealism, Psychological Thriller, Psychological Drama, Neo-Noir. Diane then dreams that Camilla doesn’t get killed. Then Diane imagines that the man she had seen at Adam’s party in real life is now a shadowy figure called The Cowboy working on Camilla Rhodes’ behalf. One interpretation is that Diane was a raving narcissist to such an extent that she could only love Camilla unless she could mold her in her image. On the other hand, you had people who thought that the movie was a complete and total unmitigated piece of incoherent crap, and that any explanation that anyone can come up with is just a desperate attempt to create something out of nothing. On one hand, you have those who were … Jean-Luc Godard famously said, “A story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end, but not necessarily in that order.” But what if, in Mulholland Drive, that’s not the case? Carol was always his first choice. So, that scene could be both a reference to Diane’s secret wish to commit suicide and Camilla’s actual murder. What makes Mulholland Drive a masterpiece is that the only thing that makes sense about it is that it’s truly hypnotic. The reason why is that she substitutes herself in place of Camilla, gives herself an alter ego named Betty and keeps Camilla alive in the form of Rita. However, Diane seems to remain genuinely dumbfounded, so when she has her dream, the real life nagging question of what the key will open gets played out as a mystery involving the blue box. Diane not only dreams of herself and Camilla but of other people. Rita consents. The mystery of Mulholland Drive is how these dimensions of fantasy, trauma, and art can coexist, magically transfigured, ... complex sound and image ensembles that resist conceptual explication and linguistic translation. She then investigates it. The studio bosses demand that he cast her, but he refuses. For example, in the dress audition scene, there is a brief exchange between Adam and a dark-haired actress named Carol, who looks similar to Camilla. When Rita sees the dead body at Sierra Bonita, she reacts with horror. The idea that the earlier scene with Bob Brooker has any bearing on Adam doesn’t really make sense to me, because that scene with Brooker in and of itself was enough to explain why she didn’t get the part for the Sylvia North Story. It’s Adam giving Betty the same “deadpan stare” that he gave all the other people who’d been tormenting him the day before. A relationship is a bond between two people, and our mental conceptions of them can be wildly different than how they actually are. When she wakes up, she insists that Diane take her to a theater called Club Silencio. “Silencio.”. American Hustle is a 2013 American black comedy crime film directed by David O. Russell.It was written by Eric Warren Singer and Russell, inspired by the FBI Abscam operation of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Every so often, the dream threatens to upset the narrative by referencing all the bad stuff that happened in real life. The last act is reality. The female relationships in Mulholland Drive – Betty and Rita, and Diane and Camilla, but particularly the former – have been compared to those found in Ingmar Bergman’s Persona and Robert Altman’s 3 Women. It is exactly at this moment when the box that belongs to the blue key that was found in Camilla’s purse appears in Diane’s bag. The elderly couple who appear as terrifying hallucinations in the final scene were seen two previous times–standing next to Diane in the opening scene of the movie when she won the jitterbug contest and later as a nice couple that Betty met when she first flew in from Canada. RELATED: 10 Best Performances In David Lynch Films. She trembles violently–not because she is spooked by the bolt, but because she has finally realized the horrible truth: this is all a dream. Later that night, Diane is sitting on the couch staring at the blue key that was delivered to her by the hit man. According to Justin Theroux, David Lynch made the movie by listening to his subconscious, and is therefore happy to let viewers come up with any interpretation they like; there is no right or wrong answer. Simple push the option to go to the cinema. So in the dream, Diane imagines Adam being forced to cast this rival love interest (the blonde woman) for the lead in this film, when instead, he had wanted a dark-haired actress named Carol (who looks a lot like the real life Camilla). As all this is happening, Diane plays out a revenge fantasy against Adam. Some viewers have compared the structure of Mulholland Drive to a Möbius strip. She becomes completely infatuated, to the point of unhealthy obsession. Others, who believe in the “Diane Was Abused” theory, think he was her abuser. Rated the #2 best film of 2001, and #15 in the greatest all-time movies (according to RYM users). The point of Diane’s dream is to create an idealized fantasy in which all the bad things that happened to her never occurred. Many people feel that the bum behind Winkie’s is symbolic of Diane’s fear of failure. The singer collapses and is carried offstage. Change ). As a result, she became paranoid that he either knew what she was up to, or might’ve remembered her face long enough to later finger her to the two detectives investigating Camilla’s murder. other than that great analysis, probably my favourite lynch film. Perhaps the most common reading of Mulholland Drive is that the first half of the movie is a dream. This switching around of IDs works especially beautifully in the segment of the dream that begins to replay the traumatic moment when Adam cast Camilla as the lead in his movie. Betty Is Diane’s Projection Of A Happier Life. Just then, Diane gets a mysterious blue box in her purse, which has a keyhole that matches a blue key that had been found in Rita’s purse days earlier. This mental trickery of swapping everyone out for each other is Diane thwarting the dream’s insistence in reminding her of what she did. Betty is a bright-eyed aspiring actress who arrives in Hollywood, gets to live rent-free at her aunt’s awesome house, and lands a major role almost immediately. However, she dreams the two of them meeting under completely different circumstances, and with she and Camilla as two completely different other people. I reviewed the UK Blu-ray edition in late 2012. By pure dumb luck, joy riders smash into the limo, killing the hit men. She then smiles and watches the audition as perky, innocent, sweet “Betty.”. As Shutter Island, Mulholland Drive is a film about dissociation, but in spite of Scorsese’s main interest into assembling a great human drama within his movies, Lynch prefers to be exclusively focused on the oneiric dimension. Many people feel that the blue box in Diane’s dream is an object from real life. Vous n'avez rien compris à la fin du (néanmoins) chef d'oeuvre de David Lynch, Mulholland Drive, diffusé ce soir sur Arte ? Unfortunately for her, her dream is not going to let her off that easy and decides, every so often, to put in little reminders of what really happened. Analyse en 5 minutes pour comprendre l'histoire de MULHOLLAND DRIVE de David Lynch. It feels like a continuous onslaught to the senses when a terrifying scene is about to unravel. the revenge angle on it doesn’t really fit with the rest of the elements in her dream in my opinion. However, there is a problem. When the torch singer performs, “Crying,” Diane cries, too. But what? This is yet another hotly contested issue. Print Email on Friday, 07 May 2010 23:46 Published Date by Frank Wilkins First of all - BACKGROUND INFORMATION. Film truth(s) by film lovers. continuing this rationale that she feels she was duped by everyone, it makes more sense thematically for the dream to be about her fighting against unseen massively more powerful forces that take accountability for her failure away from her, than for her to be the powerful forces themselves. Below are the most common questions: In Diane’s dream, she is “Betty”, Camilla is “Rita” and a blonde woman at Adam’s party takes Camilla’s name. Her rationale was that he was an old, out of touch fuddy-duddy who had no idea what he was doing or talking about. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Terrified, she runs screaming into her bedroom, grabs a gun from her nightstand and kills herself. The second half of the movie, on the other hand, represents a tough reality crashing down upon the carefree dreamscape like a battering ram. He looks at her to see who has disturbed him this much and why. Betty, one of the blonde actresses is not Betty- Her real name is Diane Sellwyn. that’s just my opinion though, Lynch’s films will always get these differing opinions out of people I guess. Diane, as “Betty”, refuses to acknowledge what this cash and money mean, so the dream does something very clever. Le mirage du succès cache une nébuleuse. David Lynch, who wrote and directed a film named after Mulholland Drive, has said that one can feel "the history of Hollywood" on it. All seems well and Diane couldn’t be happier. In a way, it is like schizopolis with its… Ratings Info strong sex, violence. In the same way that the Wizard in the emerald city at last reveals his machinations to be "just" an illusion, the work of the film director, both in character as Adam, director of The Sylvia North Story, as well as outside as David Lynch, director of Mulholland Drive, are also creators of deceptions. He's currently in pre-production on his first feature film, Hunting Trip, and has been for a while because filmmaking is expensive. He also causes thunder to flash in the theater, causing Diane to tremble violently in terror. She falls asleep and has a dream in which she gets to live out an alternative reality in which everything is the opposite of the way it happened in real life. In the dream, now Camilla (“Rita”) is the emotionally needy, dependent partner who relies on Diane for everything and owes her entire life to her. In the years since Mulholland Drive was released to critical acclaim, film buffs have been dissecting it and trying to work out exactly what it means. After pining for Rita for so long, her love is finally requited. So Diane sees Camilla as the perfect person to hitch her wagon to. The movie ends with a blue-haired woman, who’d been sitting in one of the balcony seats during the Club Silencio sequence, saying, “Silencio.”. Not only does she draw inspiration from her but relies on her to help her find parts and make inroads in Hollywood. L’EXPLICATION. That’s as good an explanation as any for why she’d get screwed out of a part, so why create this whole other elaborate scenario with these studio mob bosses screwing her out of a different part for a whole other movie? The woman also informs “Betty” and Rita that she’d like to join them when they visit Diane so she can get her stuff back. Right after this, Betty aka Diane shows up. Diane hopes to create an alternate version of her life in her dream. But Diane doesn’t just fall in love with her. In short, this part of the dream was both an expression of Diane’s paranoia about “Dan” and a wish fulfillment that something happened to him before he had a chance to tell the cops anything. What is so threatening about it? He accepts the money and tells Diane that when he’s completed the hit, he’ll give her a key to open something (what that something is is never explained). See all 5 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. hollywood is the enemy in her mind, it doesn’t make sense for me that she would see herself as hollywood itself in the dream. Some people have interpreted it as a romantic gaze. This is further supported by the lyrics in the background “baby you may love me too, oh my darling if you do, why haven’t you told me”. The true synopsis of Mulholland Drive can really only be explained by different theories. Mulholland Drive. Naturally, Diane–trying to disguise the truth from herself as much as possible–switched their identity with a friendly unassuming elderly couple she knew in real life (again, it’s up for debate who they actually were). Why would she take the dead body so personally that she assumes it has anything to do with her? This trap explains why, when Rita opens the box, Diane wakes up. The song was written by Petty and his writing partner for the album, Jeff Lynne, and features Lynne on backing vocals and bass guitar.The duo wrote and recorded the single in two days, making it the first song completed for Full Moon Fever. Waking up to reality was the only solution to the mystery of who Rita really was and why there was money and a blue key in her purse. A torch singer is then introduced to the mike and gives a moving rendition of Roy Orbison’s “Crying.” Diane starts to cry profusely. Before she has the chance, though, the phone rings and she decides to go answer it. My feeling is that this is yet, once again, an identity switch Diane pulls to keep the dream from reminding her of real life. Others think that the bum may have been her fear that a homeless person discovered Camilla’s body or found out what she’d done. Here is the key he gave you.”. But there are a lot of interpretations. Camilla is now “Rita”, a nobody with amnesia who most likely has underworld connections (suggested by the wad of cash and mysterious key that Betty finds in Rita’s purse). They then become close friends. Had the dream allowed him to encounter the bum, he would’ve seen the blue box and Diane would’ve immediately been reminded of the fact that she had killed Camilla. Type Feature. It’s also really a MacGuffin that’s designed to bait Diane into opening it. Diane bitterly watches the romance unfold from the sidelines as everyone works together on the set of Adam’s movie. Diane stops her and encourages her to wear a blonde wig instead. …We are such stuff As dreams are made of, and our little life Is rounded with a sleep. But Rita is inconsolable and says, “It’s not okay.”. In other parts of the world, the rights to 'Mulholland Drive' are held by Studio Canal, which previously released it on Blu-ray through several distributors in Europe, Australia and Asia.