Some surveys focus on all films, while others focus on a particular genre or country. With the first, it was a suspenseful horror film. JUST THE FIRST BOOK OF THE SERIES PLEASE. Not only is he a superhero, but a deeply flawed one, with his own inner demons, struggles and battles which make's the story line so much more intriguing. The newest trilogy wasn't as good and I feel it was just constantly poking at nostalgia, especially by bringing Palpatine back from the dead. While it may not have gotten as much media attention as Harry Potter, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, I feel like this series has a strong plot line which holds its own. Why is this number 43 on the list? All I can say is love it like I do and u will b so happy. Theres something for the whole family! I voted for this one because it was just so low. The gruber Brothers... And that Army Ranger Dude... Plus the dad from Good Times! Great movies really liked it. A book series turned into a movie with its own theme park in one of Americas most famous theme parks is saying something. ... Best in the Valley 2020. Men in Black (1997) Men in Black: International (2019), Rocky (1976) The last movie is the best ending-of-a-movie-series EVER. I can't wait to see the thid one! Guardians of the Galaxy Series (2014-2020) The best movie franchises of all time have brought us some of the best movies ever as well as some billion dollar films and many of them are still cranking out classics (Toy Story 4?? James Bond isa consistently original spy franchise which has gone on for nearly 25 films now, and not for no reason. The 27 Best Movie Series to Keep You Busy This Summer. And the fact that the Twilight Saga ranks higher than these masterpieces is proof that most of the voters here are adolescent teens who've never seen a movie of the previous century. The guy with the power of saving the world and feels the responsibility for it. Scary Movie is rated the best in the franchise at 53% on Rotten Tomatoes. Everyone loves a good movie series.It’s always exciting to anticipate when the next one will come and where the story is going to next. Mission: Impossible (1996) Terminator 3 and 5 are mediocre, but I have to admit Salvation kind of sucked. The first Terminator is a masterpiece in 80's sci-fi, horror, and violence (yes it is a horror film. the third was oh. The best shows on Starz By Christine Persaud December 4, 2020 While top-tiered networks such as HBO, Showtime, and FX seem to get all the attention, Starz offers some great programming as well. X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) I'm honestly pretty shocked that this series is so far down on the list. Creed (2015) If you haven’t had your cinematic desires quenched just yet, we’ve got a surefire cure to your film woes. Lord of the Rings is absolutely one of the best movie series of all time. * Yes Harry Potter is more successful than LOTR commercially, but seriously, it's no where near as well made. My favourite is Evan Peters as ('Quicksilver') and Magneto. 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) They have their own Movies Dedicated TV channels as well that stream the best movies online for free. 1 / 27. Avengers: Infinity War (2018) This movie has it all - romance, cars, and best of all, the epic battles. It shows the big difference between American and British Cinema. Episode III is one of my favorite movies of all time, as it literally wraps up the entire prequel trilogy and explains why everything in 4, 5, and 6 happened at all. Individual sequels are relatively common, but are not always successful enough to spawn further installments.. It has a great message and I think its an awesome series :) ROCKY! There are just so many things that are there for you and everything that goes into it. No, no this is no fair, fast and furious is the the best, it better than harry porter ( though it one of my favourite ), lord of the ring, star wars, godfather and others. The American Film Institute in Los Angeles, California, since 1998, has been commemorating the extraordinary first 100 years of American movies by making definitive selections of the 100 greatest American movies of all time, in various categories. I mean guys with laser swords fighting masked baddies with a superweapon sounds appleasing right? Well, everyone obviously, but do you know which movie franchises have made the most money? 30 Best Summer Blockbuster Movies Of All Time. With the Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises out, the Batman series is so different and dark from other superhero movies and actually has a great story with twists! Shrek 2 (2004) The greatest film ever made began with the meeting of two brilliant minds: Stanley Kubrick and sci-fi seer Arthur C. Clarke. This is the only live action series that disney did nail.We got brawl packed action scenes, a lore packed story which makes great rewatching value, and complex characters. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Until the new batman movies it was rated the number best seller in superhero movies why would you rebot that? All the movies were A+ classics, this is one of those rare gems that the sequel's are better than the original. Solo was better than LJ but still bad and then the finale (Rise of Skywalker) came which was a abomination. Captain America: Civil War (2016). I think spiderman is one of the best superhero movie franchises ever and they are so stupid for re-booting the franchise. I never felts compeled to watch one series of movies. Bruce, is the best. Lord of the rings is the best of all time why well for me I grow up with The Lord of the rings. Being born in the mid 90s and growing up watching the Star Wars movies as a kid starting with Episode I in the theaters has truly been an amazing experience over the years. You would have thought that Harry would stop being so dramatic, but no. Rocky is slow but great. And Terminator 2 has the best action I've ever seen in a movie, ever. Just a lot of stuff getting blown up and not a lot of substance. The books were and still are my favourites, and the movies had a lot of potential, but the characters were lacking. Not to mention they ditched the Expanded Universe and replaced it with the sequel crap. The Half of It (2020) Netflix . Best Movie in the Series: Annabelle: Creation Okay, so The Conjuring series is kind of cheating, since it’s actually a cinematic universe. Definitely deserves to be higher. I voted this because it deserves better. Bill Lynch. Of course they must mess everything up so they added the decent Force awakens before going to the horrid rouge one and the even worse Last Jedi. The Best Movie Streaming Services for 2021. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises are overrated, with piss poor villains and terrible writing choices.The Dark Knight is good, although the first act could be shorter. I can't believe this is lower than Twilight!X-men comes so close to the truth of uncovering the fact that everyone feels odd at so many levels. Are You Scared? The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) Savy? 1, Dark Knight Rises just secured that. Several Hollywood film franchises have made a good business of producing sequels. franchises that will have three or more movies. Loved by a lot of people and extremely popular; I don't think I've ever seen someone who hasn't at least heard of thiese movies. Over time, everybody's said the series have gotten worse, but I have to disagree. Being a huge Harry Potter, Xmen, and Marvel fan, I still think FF is the best choice out of all. Description. The Terminator (1984) Captain America Series (2011-2016) Also, try to keep in mind that movie franchises that will have three or more movies but don't yet do not yet qualify for this list of the best movie franchises of all time. The rocky movies are the most inspirational movies of all time, especially the 4th movie where he beats the Russian up, despite the crowd being against him. How is James Bond this low on the list? Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon STRING(movies-and-tv_44751) Best Sellers. Fast Five (2011) Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) Even when I watch one part for the hundredth time, I'll never get tire of it or never make me stop laughing at it. Awesome movie. When you're done, check out the best television franchises for more expanded universe goodness. I cried inside when I saw this below Twilight. This Movie is a 1984 classic by James Cameron, which later became a hit. Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) James Bond, just action and bikinis, which they are just dragging on and on without stopping, the godfather is just two movies, and toy story was alright, but just nothing compared to MCU. The second created an epic action film. The third made depressing prison drama. Classic and a pioneer for computer animation in general. Get your facts right. But #14?!? that's HOW WINING IS DONE!" Also, there is no competing with Lord of the Rings, whether in quality, characters, cast, plot, or action. Black Panther (2018) The Avenger is also one of my favourite. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015) Furious 7 (2015) It beats out Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, James Bond, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and The Lord of the Rings, which are all spectacular films in their own right. People who enjoy these movies are either children or mentally retarded people, and yes I went there, this is a free country I can say what I want, although I usually find the use of the word retarded in this context kind of offensive, I am willing to use it to describe what type of person you would have to be to enjoy these movies. With things that can describe who you are like lightsaber colors. This is by far the best series out there. The Dark Knight Trilogy on the other hand, is an epic saga of massive proportions. Sigourney Weaver helms this truly terrifying sci-fi film that … By far the best. December 14, 2020. All athletes and sports fans can relate in some sort of way to Rocky. All I live for is this epic space saga, with aliens, lightsabers, cute ports and captivating droids. Insanely good, top three cartoon movies ever, and definitely the greatest animated series. Common Sense Media editors help you choose the best 50 kids' movies to watch with your children. The Last Crusade (1989) How much you can take and keep moving forward! For me James Bond is the best movie franchise but for the best movie I've ever seen it goes to Back to the Future 1! There are plenty of Hollywood films series that are worth watching marvellous movie series are there in different genre. Over 7 movies, you would have thought that Ron would stop being such a comic relief and actually have a character arc like in the books, but no. - Avoid box sets so as not to add duplicates - Books in English ONLY. The film allows you to be apart of their world and them to be apart of yours.And that's why harry potter is the best. While I've watched the first two probably more times than any of the films in any series on this list, I have only watched the full trilogy in its entirety once, and that was enough. The thoughts and beliefs within the potter series will stay in your heads forever and it also confronts controversial issues like racism (Draco saying mud blood so on... ) this gives this film a unique edge.Children, teens, adult, parents and even grandparents all enjoy this film despite there age. Bill's Best ... movie series to binge-watch By Bill Lynch Staff writer. Sorry “Toy Story” nerds, there’s no better animated series than the fantasy epic featuring a Viking boy and his scaly best friend. Needs to be number 1! The Godfather Trilogy is nowhere near as good a trilogy as the Lord of the Rings. Thor Series (2011-2017) The 40 Best Albums of 2020. I think that James Bond should be higher in the list of best movie franchises. ... RELATED: The Best Shows on Netflix for Tweens and Teens Who Are Hard to Please. Explosions, nonsensical plot and car chases. Marvel Cinematic Universe awesome, amazing timeline, it's great! This is obviously better than that stupid Dark Knight. The movies, total eight in number have grossed $7.7 billion, moreover, all these … Seriously, the only good thing that came out post 2015 was the Mandelorian and even that’s a TV show spinoff series, not a mainstream movie. In 'X-Men", the superheroes (often called mutants) aren't given 'special treatments' or being recognized for what they are doing for the world. This is the first win for Apple TV Plus in our list of the best TV shows and movies of 2020. Fans of the LOTR books will know that in the first book, Merry and Pippin are attacked by the Old Man Willow, only to then be saved by Tom Bombadil. Best for High-Quality Movies: Vudu "...some of them are in 1080p, so you don't have to sacrifice quality just to watch some free movies." All you have to do is pick any of the best summer blockbusters on our list, sit back, relax, and enjoy. An Unexpected Journey (2012) Many o it's movies are very deep and comples, also, some other are very ridiculous and funny!It may not have the best effects, but they are awesome. The movies are cool and beautifully made. Believe me it emotional, funny and incredible, you guys should try and check this out. Truly the best superhero series. Browse a range of genres such as action and romantic comedy and find the most popular movies and TV. I am currently watching the whole movie series based on year it was released (right now we're at days of future past) and I'm totally hooked! Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) The series began with 2010's Skyline, helmed by Aliens vs. The Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch on Netflix in January. Best original Franchise from the start. Next Up: 14 Most-Anticipated TV Shows & Movies to Watch at Home in February. Batman Begins (2005) Not to talk about all the other characters with there own rich stories. Sometimes the work is conceived from the beginning as a multiple-film work – for example, the Three Colours series – but in most cases the success of the original film inspires further films to be made. It has it all and wraps it into one series of movies. Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) Superb franchise. Instead, they are often hated or feared upon. The transformer movies aren't terrible, but they really do lack in any sort of character development. Come on guys. Mind you disney made this yet dares to dive to darker terriotory with at least one swear per movie without making it R level or messing it up like Star Wars. We should have watched it differently so we won't get lost buy any how this series is awesome, this should be up higher! I totally think Lord of the Rings should be number 1. Mission: Impossible II (2000) 14 photos. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006) “I understand he’s a … Lists that rank the best and worst film series, sequels, prequels, threequels, and other ways movie studios chew up and regurgitate good ideas to squeeze out every last dignity-free penny. All in all, I will forever believe that Lord of the Rings is ...more. Why this didn't make it top 10? One of my all time personal favorites recieved the 9th most votes. This series shows the conflict of philosophy between Professor X (based on Martin Luther King Jr.) and Magneto (based on Malcolm X), wherein both wants to 'fit' in the world but with different 'methods'. Here are 50 best Hollywood movie you absolutely should watch if you haven't. Good job speilberg. And if special effects and sheer entertainment is what they seek, where the hell is Chris Nolan's Batman? Sure, the 4th one sucked. Finding the right full movie on YouTube is a bit difficult. Someone please rate this better! Heath Ledger was brilliant. Fun to watch, funny moments, and the animation still hold up to this very day! Rocky IV (1985) Why is fhe hunger games and fast and furious above this I love the hunger games but alien is better but fast and furious come on! AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies Series:. Fire Safety 2020. This is one of the best movies from the critically acclaimed director Christopher Nolan. no one watches that harry potter crap except nerds and weirdos. The Pirates of the Caribbean series is a well planned movie series, it has a bit of everything, comedy, romance, adventure, horror and action. Thank you Peter Jackson and crew as well as all the fantastic authors for making such an amazing movie series. X-Men: First Class (2011) Indiana Jones is at least in the top three. This list is stupid. Films make money. The Best HBO Max Shows to Stream Now (February 2021) January 31, 2021. It's the only film series in the history of cinema thus far to achieve this.